Maine Girls Growing Up

Sunday, December 19, 2010

ice skating

This wed. we are going ice skating at the Portland Ice Arena we are going to have chaple before we go there we are having a and party then we go and after we go ice skating we have pizza then we go back to the school. Tomorow we are going to this club called Awana it's really fun u get there and u they American and Awana flag and pray and line up to go up stairs and say verses to leaders. Then when everyone is done saying verses we line up to go down stairs to play games and at 8:00 or 8:15 we line up on the blue line someone gives out papers and someone reads what it says then we do awards and pray and go.
that is all for now
see u later!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

the pretty girl dressed in blue

mom typing again...
hi everyone this is jillian. i am reding this book called riding the pony express. one of the songs!!! i no in this book it goes like this....... See the pretty girl dressed in blue,See the ribbons around her. and i don't remember the rest. i finished a book called sacagawea and i'm reading a book called the day it rained forever. the story of the jamestown flood. oh my!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

tie blanket

Friday or Sat. i made a tie blanket for my sister for christmas!!!!!! sh!sh!sh!sh!sh!!!

Yesterday i finished the blanket. it is soooooooooo pretty. it is has rainbow's on one side and on the other side it is plain purple. Her name is Jillian the person i am giving it to. She doesn't even know about it so don't tell her!!!

We are probally not going to church tonight because we are all sick!!!!! That is no fun. Bye every one

Monday, December 6, 2010

mommy typing...this is who i wanna buy for at the awana store tomorrow night.

this is me now jillian.....
grandma and grampu and Ant Loru Edy Mady Censy Alivia delaney Mom and dad, emma and anna, ethan aaron owen

that all

christmas ornaments

Oh i forgot we got our Christmas tree. We went to the Staples Christmas Tree Farm and my dad was very picky about which tree to get and we came home and we set the tree up but we couldn't decorat the tree yet. There was santa at the farm it was soooo cool and he gave us little candy canes. Here are 4 ornaments that i got a couple of Christmases ago. my nana The 1st one is of a girl thats running that has a running uniform on and her hair pulled back in a ponie tail. i got her last year because i did track. The 2nd one is of a girl who is playing soccer and has a soccer ball at her feet like she is kicking it. I got her in '06 caues that is when i started soccer. The 3rd one is of a girl who is a ballairina. I got her caues i like ballet. The 4th one is of a girl that is reading. I got her when i first started to read. Those are some of the ornaments i got some christmas ago!!!!!!!!!

so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi today stayed in bed till 9:00a.m, but then i had to get up. So then i started on my work for school. Then i had to do my chores and did piano. After that we did school program called Sunlight. And we just finished it. It is lunch time now and we are having tuna. YUCK!!!!!!! And we are going out side after lunch. Right now my mom is frying beef forf what ever.
Well,thats all talk to u later!!!!!!
can't wait to see the comments!!!!!!!