Maine Girls Growing Up

Friday, January 13, 2012

the girl and the boot by jillian

chapter 1

once apon a time, there wa a girl and a boot. the girl lived in a fancy house, but there was only one rustey thing. that was a boot. when the girl saw the boot, she was woried. what if the boot makes the whole house stink, she thought. so, she put it in a box. but she did not know that it was magical. so the next day she got up and she wished for the most beautiful teddy in the world. and the next day when she awoke from her nap, on her bed sat the most beautiful teddy in the world. he had a beautiful bowtie and fancy shoes. he's the color of caramel. he's sweet and he's lovable, and he likes to swim and he likes to play soccer! the girls was so happy that she got the boot out of the box and kissed it!

the end