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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Going to the Hiltop Boiler in Newfield!!


I'm going to do a blog post about going to Hiltop Boilers in Newfield, Me because it's their Maine malpe syurp weekend!!

Better get started!!

Today we went to the Hiltop Boilers to see the cows, maple syurp, pigs and we signed up for a contest.  I also have some pictures of us at the farm!!


                Kinley is petting the calf!! Isn't she soooo cute!?!?

These are the calves that were at the Hiltop Boiler.
The brown one is 1 month old and the spotted one is only 6 days old!!
How cute are they!?


Then we sat and saw a Christian band singing songs for the people!!                           

We also got some maple fudge and a maple syrup whoopie!!!Delicious!!!!!!


                             I'm tired......... please hold me mom or dad!!

Going to the Hiltop Boiler in Newfield!!

Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. So lets get started by looking at some cute pictures from hillside farm. ( The place we went to tody)

I love music!
Yoo hoo!! Over here!!!
Smile dad!!!!!!
 Watch out comein' through!!!
I want to go home...........
Goin' for a ride ( kin looks like she loves it ha ha ha!!!)
Yum yum yum! Yummy pocket!!

Sorry I haven't posted in awile.  I heard about a thing called Weekly Warm-Up and I have never done it so I thought I'd try.  I got my insperation from my cousin Emma Masse and I will put the links to her two blogs at the end.  So I better get started!!

                                                             This week I have been...........................


Janette Oke-When calls the heart//Away through the sea//

Listing to//Disney songs// Classical Guitar songs//

         Enjoying// The skirts my mom bought me// Going to a class called ZenTangle//

Not so good// My Great-Nanny died// Gray days//