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Monday, February 28, 2011

i turned 7

i got a pink earring holder like a flower. i got my ears pierced this year. they are my birthstone color which is purple. purple is my favorite color. i also got an cupcake shaped jewelry holder. me livey and laney had a party at nana and papas house and had cupcakes with sprinkles in purple, pink and red and white. nana bought me a set of earrings that have 1 color for each month of the year. i put one set on each petal of my flower, i can't wait to wear my new earrings and change them out. i only have 18 more days left to change them and that is the day after we leave to go to florida on our trip.

jillian xoxoxo

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  1. Happy Birthday Jillian! Guess what, Jonathan is 7 too! Love, Jasmine