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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Benjermin Franklin

This is a book report about Benjerman Franklin. I hope you like it. (This is only part of it!!! Ben was born in Boston on January 17,1706. His father was a blacksmith as well as many other trades. Ben and his father argued about what Ben would be when he grew up. His father Ben to be a soap-n-candle maker but Ben didn't want to. Ben wanted to be a sailor but his father didn't want to. So finally they dcieded to be a appertice to his brother James. Ben was a appertice to his brother till he was 21. After he read some books he thought about poetry. So his first poem was called the "The Light Tragedy". It's about a captian and his daughters. The best time for him to read was at night by candle light. He wrote songs and poems and he also became vegeterian. Ben also became the cook and found recipes from books that he read. When Ben was 14 his brother started a newspaper and James called it the "New England Cournat". Ben wrote a manuscipt and didn't write his name on it. So when James came to unlock the shop he found the manuscipt and Ben didn't think it would be of no use but James liked it. In 1751 Ben was elected burgess of Philadephia. For 15 years Ben had been the clerk who took all the laws down in handwriting. He tried to make good laws for everyone, but nobody listened to him.

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