Maine Girls Growing Up

Thursday, March 1, 2012

He had a good idea to make more money.He woud start ringing the chuch bells if there was a fire, on Sundays,if someone died,or on holidays.He mared Sarah and had 6 chilldren,then He mared Rachel,and had 5 more chilldren.He kept having to build more chairs to add to the kitchen table. Paul Revere had to warn the people that the Brithsh were coming.Paul Revere and His 2 friends had to get past the English boat with 64 guns. When He got to the other side, thay had a horse wating for Paul.On the way,2 Brthsh officers were chasising Him. He got rid of them by making one fall in the mud, and the other gave up the chase.6 other officers came chasising Him with pistols in ther hands.

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