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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The News Station!!

A few weeks ago we went to the News Channel 13 WGME. There were four people that we met:Kim Block,Gregg Lagerquist, Dave Eid and Charlie Lopresti. Kim Block and Gregg Lagerquist the news reporters,and Dave Eid was repoting on sports. The person that was giving us the tour of the news station was Charlie Lopresti. He was the weather man or also know as the Chief Meteorolgist. He let us walk in front of the green screen which showed the different tempertures were in the different cities all across Maine. It was so cool because we were right there during the 6' o'clock nws watching them set up for the different reports. There were red lights that in the studio that when they lit up we had to be quiet. It was so funny because we took a picture of us together. My mom was in between Charlie and Gregg. Charlie and Gregg was so tall like my mom and Kim Block was as short as me and my friend Caitlynn. We visited the back room where the men called the program directors controled the screens. These men either a degree in Media or Broadcasting. There were six camras and they were controled by Derick the camra man. When Kim Block was broadcasting,she had to stand on a high stool because she was so short. It was alot of fun and maybe we can go when Laney and McKinley are older!!
livey :)

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